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Local Government Intelligence & Analytics (LGIA)

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Transform your data into visual intelligence

Visualisation, reporting & analytics

LGIA transforms your data from your existing systems into actionable insights, enabling you to track and monitor progress against operational, financial and service level commitments to your community.

Ready-to-use tools for instant insights

LGIA is an out-of-the-box solution with a library of shared reports and dashboards you can adopt or adapt. Share information and processes between councils and work collaboratively to deliver fast and effective business outcomes.

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Optimise your performance with intelligent data tools

Deliver your council’s activities with confidence

Keep a close eye on operational performance by visualising your priorities with clear and concise dashboards and alerts.

Plan and manage your financial activities

Monitor your financial performance against budgets and forecasts. Model what-if scenarios to improve decision-making, so you can better serve your community.

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How does LGIA work?


Adopt or adapt out-of-the-box processes, reports & dashboards

A range of shared council reports are available for you to use, so you can get insights in record time.

Monitor financial and operational performance

Track your performance against operational, financial and service level commitments to the community.

Identify areas of weakness and strength

LGIA provides full transparency so you have clear visibility of performance efficiencies and/or inefficiencies.

Share key council processes and practices to improve performance

Align practices with councils to continually benchmark and enhance your key processes that underpin your service delivery to your community.

LGIA can help with

Real-Time Operational & Service Performance

Ensure you are meeting service levels agreements. Monitor performance measures and identify trends:

  • Building consents

  • Resource consents

  • Animal control

  • Premises & licenses 

  • Compliance

  • Development activities

  • Land supply

Financial Performance

Take control of financial KPIs and predict the impact of changes and insights:
  • Council activity
  • Departmental performance
  • Annual & long-term plans
  • Project programmes
  • Individual projects
  • Rates charges and modelling
  • User charges
  • Debtors
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