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Integrated Regional Information System

A single view of information – Who or Where

IRIS is a centralised solution that provides an accurate record of your core business activities together with all their associated contacts (who) and/or locations (where). This allows all staff who use IRIS to have access to the same single data source.

Digital Enablement

IRIS integrates with other key products, including Datacom’s Mobile Capture and Online Services. This means information can be synchronised to any device and taken to and from the field electronically, and provides your customers with an online portal where they can track progress of activities. Other products that IRIS integrates with are council’s own Geographic Information System (GIS), document management, time recording and financial systems. You will gain efficiencies through the integration, increase data accuracy and productivity with automated work-flow for all your business functions, such as consent applications and compliance monitoring.

Working collaboratively benefits everyone

The shared product strategy with councils results in common and consistent business processes and knowledge across the Regional Councils that use IRIS, delivering a greater collective benefit and at a lower cost than what would be achieved individually.

How IRIS benefits Regional Councils

Deliver your regulatory and compliance requirements

Streamlined workflow ensures consistent service processing, to help you exceed your service level agreements.

Promote collaboration

A collaborative approach gives you the ability to support regulatory functions and align practices and procedures with other councils.

Community satisfaction

Staff have access to complete and accurate information, delivering faster services to customers.

Robust data

Collect rich quality data by consistently measuring against a common criteria.

IRIS helps manage these core Regional Council functions



Selected Land Use Sites Requests




Air Quality

Water Quality & Usage Monitoring

Consent Processing

Land Management